Going With Gamification or Giving Up?

Are you having success with gamification at your library, perhaps in conjunction with instruction activity or the curation of learning activity? Or did you try it and give up in frustration. According to some experts, we are still trying to figure out whether gamification lives up to the hype.

What’s Holding Back Faculty Adoption of EdTech?

If instructors were recognized and rewarded for experimenting with and adopting new educational technologies in their classrooms that could significantly change Blended Librarians' ability to work collaboratively with faculty for greater use of library and non-library learning technology. The current system is the problem not the solution

Dealing With Digitally Distracted Students

Student distraction is a significant problem. Well, a problem perhaps for the librarian-educator. Not so much for the students who have some interesting opinions about their use of the devices that lead to distraction. A new study sheds some light on the degree to which electronic distraction is happening, and it may encourage Blended Librarians to consider how to use their skills to keep students focused on learning, participating, discussing, and achieving engagement with the class.

Remembering BLAAM – Librarians and Instructional Design

Most of you probably don't remember BLAAM - a modification to ADDIE introduced by John Shank and Steven Bell in their 2007 book Academic Librarianship by Design. A CFP for a new book on instructional design in libraries demonstrates that librarians remain enthusiastic about the integration of instructional design into the practice of librarianship.

Yes – There is a National EdTech Plan

Did you know there is a National Educational Technology Plan? While it mostly addresses the K-12 learning environment there's worthwhile information here for academic blended librarians. Today's K-12 students are our future students, so it's valuable to see how edtech is developing in their learning environment.