Conversations With Blended Librarians: The Instructional Design Librarian

Recorded on Thursday, October 13, 2016 this is the first of a series of conversations with Blended Librarians. In these sessions we will explore the role of the Blended Librarian by discussing with our guests how they developed their skills, how they obtained their positions, what their work is like, what their challenges are and what they enjoy about being a Blended Librarian.

Open Textbooks For Blended Librarians

Blended Librarians should rightly be promoting the adoption of OER and open textbooks at their institutions. What about our own instruction? Where are the open textbooks we'd want to use? This post points to two open textbooks that give Blended Librarians new options for pointing students (and their faculty) to an open resource.

Testing the Value of Librarian Interventions Is No Easy Task

Have you ever considered conducting a quasi-experimental research project in order to determine if one of your learning interventions helped students to be academically successful. It can be a powerful way to demonstrate Blended Librarian value, but there are pitfalls to be aware in order to avoid them. Here are some ideas on how to avoid the most common pitfalls that doom experimental research to failure.

Beyond Instructional Designer to Learning Experience Designer

Learning Experience Designer (or LX Designer) is still quite rare a job position in higher education. It's a blend of instructional designer and user experience design. But what exactly does an LX Designer do? A job description and EdSurge article may shed some light on that question.

Time Well Spent At the Teaching Academy

This spring I attended my Teaching & Learning Center's Provost's Teaching Academy. Me and mostly non-librarian faculty. Find out what my big takeaways were and why Blended Librarians have much to gain from attending a teaching academy.