That Other Reason Students Spend Less On Course Material

There has been some debate about how much college students are spending annually on textbooks. What is less debatable is the continued rising costs of textbooks. Academic librarians are playing role in the changing dynamics of student spending for textbooks.

Tech Gadgets Emerging As Next-Gen Instructional Technology

When it comes to instructional technology our thinking tends to focus primarily on how we integrate software into the learning process. A new generation of tech gadgets suggests that Blended Librarians should be paying as much attention to hardware as they do to software.

Sharing EdTech Stories

Looking for some new ideas to promote on your campus or library for innovative uses of educational technology. The Office of Educational Technology may have just the thing for you.

Librarians and Teachers: Not Exactly Eye-to-Eye on Data Privacy

How should academic librarians respond when administrators request data on student use of research products, attendance at instruction sessions or number of books borrowed? What about K-12 educators? They and their schools collect considerable amounts of student data. Perhaps a conversation about big data and student privacy is the next fertile area for discussing common interests and having a united front on privacy policies for student data.

The Last Overhead Projector

Reading that the University of Colorado Boulder was eliminating the last of its overhead projectors got me thinking about the last time I used one and whether learning is about the technology - however outdated it may be - or the way instructors apply it in the classroom.