Educational Technology as Amplifier

I was interested to see what Marc Prensky, the educational technology advocate, had to say about Toyama's book. Blended librarians bring together skills in research, information technology and instructional design. I believe this positions them to be good leaders at their institutions to collaborate with faculty, educational technologists and those working across the spectrum of academic support services, to identify and implement thoughtful technology applications that will contribute to enhanced student learning.

More Than Incremental Change

Recorded on Thursday, October 22, 2015 this webcast presentation and discussion with Allison Dulin Salisbury and Kristen Eshleman, two educational technology experts who will speak about how expanding development in the Ed Tech industry is impacting on higher education.

Know Your Ed Tech Terms

How familiar are you with some of the Ed Tech buzzwords. Here's an opportunity to test your knowledge.

Faculty Affirm Ed Tech Funds Are Well Spent

Higher education institutions invest significant funds on educational technology. From learning management systems to the latest generation of wireless projectors and personal response systems, there is a demand to keep up with the latest tools to support learning. But if faculty fail to use these technologies or don't believe they can actually make a difference, then the investment is likely going to waste. Here's what a new survey has to say about that.

Handy Learning Theories Chart

Can you remember dozens of different learning theories? Who could? This post shares a link to an interactive learning theories map that will serve as a good pedagogical resource.