Do Faculty Attitudes Toward Digital Content Impact OER Adoption?

Faculty respond to a survey about their openness to using digital learning materials and OER. The majority of faculty appear to recognize the value of digital content but are still reluctant to use it as instructional material.

The Instructional Designer: Opportunities for Collaboration with Librarians and Faculty

Thursday, May 11, 2017 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm EDT:
Instructional design is a growing field within many universities that offer online programs. The instructional designer works with faculty to plan, design and implement a full course, or parts of a course. Instructional designers are usually experts in learning theories and pedagogy, and have a toolbox full of ideas for improving teaching and learning. However, they are many occasions where an instructional designer could benefit from collaborating with a librarian, and vice versa. Presenters will explain the role of instructional designers, how collaboration between instructional designers, librarians and faculty might be beneficial, and explain how to prepare future librarians for this kind of work in LIS programs.

From OER to Open Pedagogy

Do you know much about open pedagogy? Neither did I until I attended Open Ed 16. In a post I wrote about it I share why I think it's the next frontier for open educational resources.

Conversations With Blended Librarians: Second in a Series

Recorded on Thursday, March 2, 2017: the second webcast in a series of conversations with Blended Librarians.

Pearson’s Learning Design Principles

Here's something unexpected. Pearson Education, a publishing and assessment giant, is giving open access to a set of 45 Learning Design Principles that are used by Pearson's own instructional developers use to assess the quality of their educational technology products. Blended Librarians should take a look.