From OER to Open Pedagogy

Do you know much about open pedagogy? Neither did I until I attended Open Ed 16. In a post I wrote about it I share why I think it's the next frontier for open educational resources.

Conversations With Blended Librarians: Second in a Series

Recorded on Thursday, March 2, 2017: the second webcast in a series of conversations with Blended Librarians.

Pearson’s Learning Design Principles

Here's something unexpected. Pearson Education, a publishing and assessment giant, is giving open access to a set of 45 Learning Design Principles that are used by Pearson's own instructional developers use to assess the quality of their educational technology products. Blended Librarians should take a look.

Insights From the 2016 ECAR Study

Have you seen the latest ECAR report on undergraduate use of technology? If not, it's worth taking a look at to gain better insight into how our students are using technology, what their expectations are and what their classroom experience is with technology. I share some highlights from the 2016 report.

Encouraging Faculty To Adopt OER: Takeaways From Day One at Open Ed ’16

Why don't more faculty adopt OER? What can we do to encourage them to do so? I spent day one at the Open Ed '16 Conference hearing from faculty and librarians who are trying to answer these questions. Here's what I learned.