More On The EdTech Surge

Sharing news about two new things. First, a resource for keeping up with the EdTech Surge and second, announcing a new award for librarians doing innovative work with educational technology.

The Learning Styles Debate Continues

Do you believe in the validity of learning styles? Even if the scientific evidence doesn't necessarily support them there may still be value in keeping in mind the need to mix up instructional approaches in the classroom. Learning styles are not without some degree of controversy and the debate continues.

When Digital Becomes the Norm

Whether we talk about digital libraries or digital humanities, it must only be a matter of time until the digital is so fully developed and firmly embedded in practice that it will seem redundant to keep prefacing our professions and disciplines with the "digital" qualifier. What about Blended Librarianship? Does it still make sense in a digital world?

That Other Reason Students Spend Less On Course Material

There has been some debate about how much college students are spending annually on textbooks. What is less debatable is the continued rising costs of textbooks. Academic librarians are playing role in the changing dynamics of student spending for textbooks.

Tech Gadgets Emerging As Next-Gen Instructional Technology

When it comes to instructional technology our thinking tends to focus primarily on how we integrate software into the learning process. A new generation of tech gadgets suggests that Blended Librarians should be paying as much attention to hardware as they do to software.