The Last Overhead Projector

Reading that the University of Colorado Boulder was eliminating the last of its overhead projectors got me thinking about the last time I used one and whether learning is about the technology – however outdated it may be – or the way instructors apply it in the classroom. Continue reading The Last Overhead Projector

Are We Becoming Information Literacy Designers?

The title alone gives a big clue that the future of information literacy is inexorably connected to how we as librarians design and integrate our instructional efforts into our curriculum, programs, and instructional sessions/workshops. Check out this interview with Carrie Donovan to learn more about why design matters. Continue reading Are We Becoming Information Literacy Designers?

Get Ready For the Tablet Learners

Tomorrow I expect we will see many more students with tablets and readers. That, I believe, will be driven by BYOD initiatives in K-12 where tablets and readers – and even inexpensive chromebooks – are increasingly deployed for mass distribution of personal computing technology. What does this mean for academic librarians? Continue reading Get Ready For the Tablet Learners