Remembering BLAAM – Librarians and Instructional Design

Most of you probably don’t remember BLAAM – a modification to ADDIE introduced by John Shank and Steven Bell in their 2007 book Academic Librarianship by Design. A CFP for a new book on instructional design in libraries demonstrates that librarians remain enthusiastic about the integration of instructional design into the practice of librarianship. Continue reading Remembering BLAAM – Librarians and Instructional Design

Yes – There is a National EdTech Plan

Did you know there is a National Educational Technology Plan? While it mostly addresses the K-12 learning environment there’s worthwhile information here for academic blended librarians. Today’s K-12 students are our future students, so it’s valuable to see how edtech is developing in their learning environment. Continue reading Yes – There is a National EdTech Plan

Educational Technology as Amplifier

I was interested to see what Marc Prensky, the educational technology advocate, had to say about Toyama’s book. Blended librarians bring together skills in research, information technology and instructional design. I believe this positions them to be good leaders at their institutions to collaborate with faculty, educational technologists and those working across the spectrum of academic support services, to identify and implement thoughtful technology applications that will contribute to enhanced student learning. Continue reading Educational Technology as Amplifier

Faculty Affirm Ed Tech Funds Are Well Spent

Higher education institutions invest significant funds on educational technology. From learning management systems to the latest generation of wireless projectors and personal response systems, there is a demand to keep up with the latest tools to support learning. But if faculty fail to use these technologies or don’t believe they can actually make a difference, then the investment is likely going to waste. Here’s what a new survey has to say about that. Continue reading Faculty Affirm Ed Tech Funds Are Well Spent

The Learning Styles Debate Continues

Do you believe in the validity of learning styles? Even if the scientific evidence doesn’t necessarily support them there may still be value in keeping in mind the need to mix up instructional approaches in the classroom. Learning styles are not without some degree of controversy and the debate continues. Continue reading The Learning Styles Debate Continues

When Digital Becomes the Norm

Whether we talk about digital libraries or digital humanities, it must only be a matter of time until the digital is so fully developed and firmly embedded in practice that it will seem redundant to keep prefacing our professions and disciplines with the “digital” qualifier. What about Blended Librarianship? Does it still make sense in a digital world? Continue reading When Digital Becomes the Norm