Know Your Ed Tech Terms

Librarianship certainly has its share of buzzword and abbreviations. Database. LibGuide. Reserves. Stacks. ILL.

Turns out that educational technology may be even more buzzword heavy than our library jargon.

In the article “An EdTech Buzzword Bingo“, Anya Kemenetz responds to more than a few edtech announcements she’s seen recently about this new doohickey or that other thigamajig. While I think most of these terms will be familiar to you Blended Librarians, it is worth taking a look if for no other reason┬áthen┬áto test yourself. Are you familiar with these terms? Could you explain them to a less edtech savvy colleague? If not you might want to get beyond the usual library buzzwords you usually deal with and get in touch with your edtech side.

Blended Librarian. Not a buzzword as far as we can tell.

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