From OER to Open Pedagogy

I had read about open pedagogy but was not all that familiar with what it actually meant. That changed with I attended Open Ed 16.

It exposed me to multiple examples of open pedagogy. Now, I would refer to it as the next frontier in open learning and open culture.

Currently, open pedagogy will be embraced by a small number of faculty who are passionate about open education. It requires more work for faculty than migrating course learning content to OER. However, if students are involved in the development of content, it may be more feasible – or maybe not.

I recently learned about a new OER website (only limited development so far) called LibreText that can help support faculty who may want to engage students in developing a textbook.

Inspired by what I learned at Open Ed 16 I decided to share some insights into what open pedagogy is and to offer some examples. The result is a blog post that I published in the blog of my institution’s teaching and learning center.

I hope it helps you to better understand open pedagogy, or at least sets you on the path to learning more.

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